hallo 2014!

Hi,, lama ga mencorat coret blogku ini.. (masih kagetpun ini blog ko masih ada aja,,, hihihi)

nampaknya kemampuan menulis dan berimajinasi sy makin berkurang,,

ayo ah nulis lagi!!


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Unique Things! (part1)

There’s so many unique things in Korea!! i divided this topic into several part, because i know, i will find another thing in Korea.. here we go!

♥ Yangsan and Usan?

There are 2 kinds of umbrella in Korea. Usan and Yangsan . Usan use for rainy days, it’s a normal umbrela. Yangsan use for prevent UV-light, usually use in summer day. Yangsan can’t be use in rany days because of it’s fabrics. Well in think yangsan is a girly-things. Thought i’ve never seen man using yangsan.

♥ Heater?

I found an unique things today!… Since it’s already winter here, i searched winter equipment. Actually, i can’t endure coldness. There’s no winter in my country. so if winter comes, i prepare anything to prevent freezing. These cute things will help me during working days!

first one is hand protector,, protect my hand during using mouse. then electric pillow. another thing is electric slipper. Those are connected with USB connector.  I love them!

I’ll tell you another cute-things in korea later. see ya..

Korean Traditional Sport

Have you ever imagine the fusion of volleyball and footbal??

It’s exist in Korea. They called it Jokgu (족구) . I firstly saw in my campus, when homecoming party held there.  Bellow is the picture of Jokgu.


Getting on your feet:
The playing area measures 16 meters (53 feet) by 7 meters, and the net stands 1.1-meter high. Each of two teams has four starting players and three relievers. A game consists of three sets of 15 points each. Score is counted under the rally point system, under which one must have a two-point advantage to win a game and there are no caps on the final score. Point winners have the right to serve. Serving a rebounding ball is against the rules. A point from a serve earns two points. Receivers are allowed up to three bounds and three touches. Only one’s head and shins can touch the ball. The ball for jokgu measures 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) in diameter and weighs 360 grams (0.79 pound).

(from: http://joongangdaily.joins.com/article/view.asp?aid=2421572)

Interesting Isn’t it??

I wanna try that someday, tee heee.. ^__^